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Model – Lindsey Lou, and Glamour Lighting Diagram

In this post I wanted to show how I lit this Hollywood Glamour shot of Lindsey Lou, with just one Fresnel studio lamp. Fresnel Studio lamps can be purchased at Amazon.Com, at various sizes and various wattage’s. These are what I use to get that Real Authentic Hollywood glamour photography look. In this image you […]

Largest Collection of George Hurrel’s Hollywood Glamour Photographs Auctioned Off

Last month the largest collection, in one auction, of George Hurrell’s Hollywood Glamour Photography Images, Negatives and other items were auctioned off to the public for nominal prices. I was happy to go to the auction preview. While the original photo images may have been made from a Hurrell Negative, Hurrell didn’t print these, nor […]

Evie Lovelle Gallery and Shoot – Hollywood Glamour Photography

After about a month of battling the Flu and a back issue, I am finally getting this gallery and post up regarding the Evie Lovelle Shoot. The day I shot Evie I was actually coming down with the flu, and for the following two weeks had the flu and then back issues, from popping a […]

Model – Heidi – From Fresno

Holly from Fresno contacted me via Myspace for a private shoot. She agreed to let me post the best images on my website. She came down and stayed at a friends house, and we shot one day and she came back the second day and finished up her shoot, with some color pinup stuff which […]

Lighting Techniques for Hollywood Glamour Photography

Be sure to watch the Hollywood Glamour Photography Video for this shoot HERE Photography Lighting Techniques are sometimes huge mysteries, at least to the beginning photographer. Sometimes to the seasoned pro too, only because maybe it was such a simple setup that it just couldn’t be that easy, right? I know I am that way […]

Model: Guy Chapman – The Film Noir Villain

I met guy through a mutual friend that introduced us with the intention of needing to get some head shots done. Guy is an actor and has been in a few movies I am sure you have heard of: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and  Red-Eye as well as a few TV Series […]

Model: Apnea – The Reluctant Idol

My first and so far only shoot with the model Apnea, the well known model wife(soon to be or now ex) of Lithium Picnic, The well know and controversial ex-photographer of Suicide Girls. Great lady to work with, quiet I suppose, then again we had just met that day. We did a few shots for […]

Model: Kristabelle #2, Color Burlesque Pinup, Black and White Glamour

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Here’s a couple more from Model Kristabelle. I did a couple in color for a burlesque project I am working on, and thought I would share here. Kristabelle is also going to be our opening lady for Pinupofthemonth.com.  Pinup of the month for January 2010. I would like to hear from my readers which ones […]

Black and White or Color, which would you choose?

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I have a question for my readers. I have images that I edit, some in color and some in black and white. Both look great but you can’t have both, you have to choose one or the other. Which would you choose? How would you choose? Let’s say you have a contest to enter and […]

Model: Sandee Betty

This was my first shoot ever with Sandee Betty back in May of 2006. It was my first soot trying to do Old Black and White Hollywood Style Glamour, and was shot with my Canon 20D. Sandee and I have worked together on numerous projects since. I haven’t been in touch with Sandee in a […]

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