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Hollywood Glamour with Kelly Devoto with Lighting Diagrams

A while back I had the pleasure of working with an up and coming star, Kelly Devoto. When Kelly came to me she was just doing modeling and building her portfolio. She wanted some old style Hollywood Glamour stuff so we did a few different takes and settings. Later Kelly contacted me to use one […]

Hollywood Glamour Photography, Behind the Scenes with Daisy Devine

I thought I would post some behind the scenes shots from a shoot I did a while back, in fact several years ago, with one of my favorite models, Daisy Devine. In this shoot we were going for a Joan Crawford Hollywood Glamour type shoot. We had planned it out and chose Daisy for the […]

Model – Lindsey Lou, and Glamour Lighting Diagram

In this post I wanted to show how I lit this Hollywood Glamour shot of Lindsey Lou, with just one Fresnel studio lamp. Fresnel Studio lamps can be purchased at Amazon.Com, at various sizes and various wattage’s. These are what I use to get that Real Authentic Hollywood glamour photography look. In this image you […]

A Day with George Hurrells Last Assistant

Back in December 2009, I was given one of the best Christmas Presents I think I have ever gotten. I was given the opportunity to spend the day with George Hurrells Last Assistant, Richard Settle. Not only did I get to spend the day talking with Richard about George Hurrell and his techniques, I was […]

Largest Collection of George Hurrel’s Hollywood Glamour Photographs Auctioned Off

Last month the largest collection, in one auction, of George Hurrell’s Hollywood Glamour Photography Images, Negatives and other items were auctioned off to the public for nominal prices. I was happy to go to the auction preview. While the original photo images may have been made from a Hurrell Negative, Hurrell didn’t print these, nor […]

Evie Lovelle Gallery and Shoot – Hollywood Glamour Photography

After about a month of battling the Flu and a back issue, I am finally getting this gallery and post up regarding the Evie Lovelle Shoot. The day I shot Evie I was actually coming down with the flu, and for the following two weeks had the flu and then back issues, from popping a […]

Hollywood Glamour Lighting Video and Diagrams

Be sure to check out the Photography Lighting Diagrams for this shoot HERE I have people wanting to know how I set my lights up and how I get some of the effects I do for Hollywood Glamour and Film Noir Lighting. Most times when I do Hollywood glamour photography I use Fresnel lights, the […]

Hollywood Glamour Photos and How To Take Them.

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes shots from this shoot, the link to that article is posted at the bottom of this article. I’m asked all the time “How do you do that?”, the style of Hollywood Glamour Photography I do. I had a great teacher, George Hurrell. Someone introduced me to […]