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Hollywood Glamour with Kelly Devoto with Lighting Diagrams

A while back I had the pleasure of working with an up and coming star, Kelly Devoto. When Kelly came to me she was just doing modeling and building her portfolio. She wanted some old style Hollywood Glamour stuff so we did a few different takes and settings. Later Kelly contacted me to use one […]

Model – Ash DeLovely

This shoot with Ashley, a makeup artist for Mac, was a collaboration between the two of us. Shoot in my home studio on a chaise lounge, using one strobe and a beauty dish with grid. Originally in Color I personally liked it better in Black and White. The setup in the Lighting Diagram shows the […]

The Magic of Black and White – Andrew Gibson

The Magic of Black and White – Andrew Gibson An eBook about Black and White Photography From the website of Craft & Vision: “Black and white photographs are a different medium than colour and require an ability to see in monochrome. Becoming aware of the differences between black and white and colour images, in both […]

Desolate Metropolis – a Photographer

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I usually don’t get excited over other peoples photography. Except the exceptional, and I mean that, I just don’t. Today I came upon a photographer who just wowed the hell out of me. This person does what I want to be able to do. a style of photography that I have always been interested in […]

Model – Lindsey Lou – Limited Edition Collectible Prints

I have decided to start putting my work up for sale here on my site. I have sold my work before in different arenas, but never on my own website. Galleries, privately and even on eBay(groan). Now that I am going to take my life in the artistic direction I have been wanting to I […]

Model: Tanya(BluegirlB) – Gothic Hollywood Glamour

Tanya is a friend of my from the goth scene in San Diego, and I had seen her do some modeling for another photographer friend of mine Gene Johnson.  Anyway I had her come over one day to do some Hollywood glamour stuff, but these were done with film and a digital camera. can you […]

Model: Kristabelle

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I just thought I would edit a couple more before bed. I am glad I had that shoot yesterday,it’s been over a year since I shot last and I have been missing it. Having a baby sure does take a lot of time and energy. So does shooting but this is different. 🙂 I met […]

Whats Happening to Darkman’s Darkroom?

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HI folks just a word real quick before I head out to class, I know some of you are probably wondering what’s going on with Darkman’s Darkroom. Well, we are upgrading and doing a bunch of New and Exciting things for the future. First off one of the biggest things happening in the world of […]