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Model – Ash D.

Ash is a makeup artist I’ve worked with on and off for a few years but she has since moved back to New Mexico and is now raising a family. Lisa Medley helped with the styling and artistic direction of this shoot which we just wanted to do a cross of boudoir and color glamour. […]

Boudoir Photography Course – Coaching and Mentoring

I just wanted to let you in on a little special that’s going on this weekend, and only this weekend. This weekend Michael Zelbel, author of “The art of boudoir photography with speedlights”, is opening his photography coaching club ProPortfolioClub.com for signups. Signup will be possible from Friday June 29th until Monday morning July 2nd, […]

Hollywood Glamour with Kelly Devoto with Lighting Diagrams

A while back I had the pleasure of working with an up and coming star, Kelly Devoto. When Kelly came to me she was just doing modeling and building her portfolio. She wanted some old style Hollywood Glamour stuff so we did a few different takes and settings. Later Kelly contacted me to use one […]

Boudoir Photography eBook – Latest by Ed Verosky

Boudoir Photography: The Quick-Start Guide For Professional Photographers, by Ed Verosky is now available! This is a compilation (including new content) of his two previous boudoir eBooks, “10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now,” and “25 Amazing Boudoir Photography Techniques” and Much Much More! This new book has it all, including advice from other […]

Film Noir Lighting with Lighting Diagrams

Film Noir, emphasizing low-key lighting and unbalanced compositions and literally translated means “Black Film”. Not just the colors of the film but the sub-currents or undertones of the movie moods and expression. Film Noir is a visual style who’s roots are in German Expressionist cinematography, and typically set in the early 1940’s to the late […]

Fashion Glamour Photography – Lighting Diagram and Explaination

Hey folks, this is one of my favorite shoots and favorite ways of doing a night shoot. With an small strobe and a long exposure. We know that Aperture is what controls the flash and that shutter speed controls the ambient light. Here’s the formula: 1. Expose the face for flash using aperture(size of the […]

How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional by Ashley Karyl – eBook Review

How to Photograph Nudes Like a Professional by Ashley Karyl – eBook Review 20% Discount on eBook, Use code: darkman Ashley Karyl is a professional photographer who’s been shooting nudes for upwards of 25 years now. His eBook “How to Photographer Nudes Like a Professional” is a culmination of all his experience during this period […]

Model – Bianca Malise, Nude plus Glamour Lighting Diagram

I did this nude/boudoir shoot with Bianca Malise a while back at her San Diego residence. Done in her upstairs bathroom to give a feeling of intimacy, and set in place that makes the subject feel naturally relaxed and at home. This image in particular receives many questions as to the lighting and how it […]

Jean Harlow and the Bear Skin Rug for Vanity Fair – Lighting Diagram

The classic Iconic image by George Hurrell of Jean Harlow on the Bearskin rug, is a classic that many photographers equate to the quintessential Hollywood Glamour. It’s really not that hard to reproduce if you know where the lights are coming from. All you need is a Polar Bear Skin rug(good luck). The lighting is […]

Model – Mia Vixen, Hollywood Glamour and Film Noir

Mia Vixen is a Southern California Model and Burlesque Dancer I had the pleasure of photographing a little while ago. This first shot Old Hollywood Glamour and reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, with the second shot being more along the lines of Film Noir. Each shot was lit with Fresnel Studio Lamps, and each had a […]

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