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Model – Lindsey Lou, and Glamour Lighting Diagram

In this post I wanted to show how I lit this Hollywood Glamour shot of Lindsey Lou, with just one Fresnel studio lamp. Fresnel Studio lamps can be purchased at Amazon.Com, at various sizes and various wattage’s. These are what I use to get that Real Authentic Hollywood glamour photography look. In this image you […]

Model – Apnea

In this shoot with the well known Model Apnea, we did a faux fashion article shoot, in which I made an faux magazine cover from the image. The lighting was two Fresnel lights both from camera right, one on the background and one on the model herself. The background was a plain white wall in […]

Model – Ash DeLovely

This shoot with Ashley, a makeup artist for Mac, was a collaboration between the two of us. Shoot in my home studio on a chaise lounge, using one strobe and a beauty dish with grid. Originally in Color I personally liked it better in Black and White. The setup in the Lighting Diagram shows the […]

Hollywood Glamour Lighting Video and Diagrams

Be sure to check out the Photography Lighting Diagrams for this shoot HERE I have people wanting to know how I set my lights up and how I get some of the effects I do for Hollywood Glamour and Film Noir Lighting. Most times when I do Hollywood glamour photography I use Fresnel lights, the […]

Lighting Techniques for Hollywood Glamour Photography

Be sure to watch the Hollywood Glamour Photography Video for this shoot HERE Photography Lighting Techniques are sometimes huge mysteries, at least to the beginning photographer. Sometimes to the seasoned pro too, only because maybe it was such a simple setup that it just couldn’t be that easy, right? I know I am that way […]

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