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Model – Lindsey Lou, and Glamour Lighting Diagram

How to Make Hollywood Portraits

In this post I wanted to show how I lit this Hollywood Glamour shot of Lindsey Lou, with just one Fresnel studio lamp. Fresnel Studio lamps can be purchased at Amazon.Com, at various sizes and various wattage’s. These are what I use to get that Real Authentic Hollywood glamour photography look.

In this image you can see the Butterfly Lighting Pattern under then Nose, a nice crisp clean edge to that shadow, however if you look at the over all edges of the shadows you will see a soft falloff about them. This is the difference between using Fresnels and Strobes.

With a Strobe and a Grid, you get either a hard shadow with a no soft falloff, or if you use a Strobe and a Softbox, you get soft falloff but no Hard Lines where needed.

I also used my favorite bamboo plant to great a little drama on the left side of the image, on the white bearskin covering, as well as to balance out the images with the leaves just barely coming into the image. This is also to show where the shadows are coming from, sort of telling a story.

Lighting Diagram Below…

Lindsey Lou #1 - Darkmans Darkroom

Lindsey Lou #2 - Darkmans Darkroom


Glamour Lighting Diagram for Lindsey Lou

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3 Responses to “Model – Lindsey Lou, and Glamour Lighting Diagram”
  1. Ted Sabarese says:

    Hello there. Your site is very informative/educational and a nice way for people to learn about lighting (I also dig your well-drawn diagrams). There’s a new site you may appreciated that takes famous photographs and tries to guess the lighting:


    Keep up the great work!

  2. m.hussain says:

    very informing, particularly with the help of the lighting diagram, so simple and such high quality glamorous picture

  3. Bobby Deal says:

    Great blog and work. I have been pursuing it for a couple hours. Love this shot of Lindsey Lou, I had the pleasure of shooting with her several years ago, if memory serves me right it was her 2nd ever professional shoot. What a joy to work with she was and I have been happy to watch her growth as a model over the years.

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