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Limited Edition – Lotti DaLucks Black and White, “Smoking”

Lotti Da Lucks - Darkmans Darkroom

Lotti Da Lucks - Darkmans Darkroom

This is the Limited Edition Prints and Posters page. Only Images I feel worthy of being a limited edition collectible are displayed on this page, and the pages underneath. I have a very strict and selective eye and I will only be printing a limited number of most of these images. Some will be on going but most will be limited edition.

I offer several types of print here and price varies withthe paper and process to achieve each print. The papers offered are 1) Giclee’ on Rag Paper, 2) Ilford Silver Gelatin Fiber Paper and 3) RC Coated Paper. Because I shoot digital and film people may wonder where would I get a digital Silver Gelatin Print from? Dalmatianlab.Com of course. 🙂

Prices will go up as the numbers go down.

Prices are as follows:

Each Print is a chemically processed print with the exception of the Giclee’

B/W RC 8×10 – $125 (10 Left)

B/W Giclee’ 16×20 – $350.00 (20 Left)

B/W Digital Silver Gelatin 16×20 – $350.00 (50 Left)

B/W RC(Resin Coated) 16×20 – $250.00 (100 Left)

Gallery Wrap – Fine Art Canvas Wrap – Please Inquire (10 Left)

Each Print is signed, numbered and Dated.

Lotti Da Lucks - Darkmans Darkroom 16x20 or 20x24

Lotti Da Lucks - Darkmans Darkroom 16x20 or 20x24

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