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eBook Discounts!

Hey Everyone, How would you like to get free eBook discounts?!!

All I ask is for you to sign up for my email newsletter, and I will send you 4 eBook discounts that will save you $$$ on the purchase of several great eBooks from other photographers.

Once you’ve signed up for the Newsletter and confirmed,  I will send you the discount codes for the eBooks listed on my sidebar over there—>>>.

I won’t give your email address away or sell it, I value your trust and privacy.

Larry “Darkman” Clark

If you’ve received your prints please leave a comment below the subscription form.


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10 Responses to “eBook Discounts!”
  1. Peggy Lanford says:

    Thank you so much for the fantastic photos! I really appreciate everything you do for us with the Hollywood Glamour tips you are a true inspiration.

  2. Edward Sanchez says:

    Hey, Larry….

    Thanks, man, for the print. I am regularly impressed by the level of your art. Come a long way, bud…congrats!

    Thanks again! Best to the family.

  3. I got my prints in the mail today and they look fantastic. Thank you for the continued inspiration.

  4. Ted Guss /Tarot Warlock says:

    Larry …
    Your work is to me the very best…I still get complements on our shoot a few years back and I’m going to hit you up for another one some time soon.
    Thanks so much for the prints…As usual beutiful work.
    hope to see you around…
    Ted. / Trot Warlock

  5. Carlos Betancourt says:

    Larry I got the photos they are great, really really nice you do a hell of a job. I hoping that one day I can also take some photos like yours.
    Keep up the great work!

  6. Yelena says:

    hello Larry,
    Just would like to say thank you for the fantastic prints you sent.

    May i add that you are an inspiration for me in my quest of becoming a better photographer.

    Your pictures are wonderful in both – creative angle and technical delivery.

    Thank you for sharing them with us.


  7. Mark says:

    Thank you for the great photography gift.

  8. John says:

    Thanks for the FREE print, sorry this came late. Great shots!!

  9. jose says:

    Hi I tried to sign up for free prints but it says its not active? Thank you.

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