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Model – Ash D.

Ash is a makeup artist I’ve worked with on and off for a few years but she has since moved back to New Mexico and is now raising a family. Lisa Medley helped with the styling and artistic direction of this shoot which we just wanted to do a cross of boudoir and color glamour. […]

Fashion Glamour Photography – Lighting Diagram and Explaination

Hey folks, this is one of my favorite shoots and favorite ways of doing a night shoot. With an small strobe and a long exposure. We know that Aperture is what controls the flash and that shutter speed controls the ambient light. Here’s the formula: 1. Expose the face for flash using aperture(size of the […]

Model – Apnea

In this shoot with the well known Model Apnea, we did a faux fashion article shoot, in which I made an faux magazine cover from the image. The lighting was two Fresnel lights both from camera right, one on the background and one on the model herself. The background was a plain white wall in […]