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Model – Ash D.

How to Make Hollywood Portraits

Ash is a makeup artist I’ve worked with on and off for a few years but she has since moved back to New Mexico and is now raising a family. Lisa Medley helped with the styling and artistic direction of this shoot which we just wanted to do a cross of boudoir and color glamour. We used glamour lighting for this type of shoot, basically a strobe with a strip softbox attached. Only one light!

The color red was used for the satin covering Ash as red looks good on her and her tone. The white sheet on the floor was used to help reflect light and create a great contrast.

Below the final images is the lighting diagram for this shoot.

Always a pleasure to work with Ash D.


Glamour Lighting with Ash D.


Glamour Lighting with Ash D.


Glamour Lighting Diagram

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