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Model – Apnea

How to Make Hollywood Portraits

In this shoot with the well known Model Apnea, we did a faux fashion article shoot, in which I made an faux magazine cover from the image. The lighting was two Fresnel lights both from camera right, one on the background and one on the model herself. The background was a plain white wall in a hotel room. We didn’t have much space for backgrounds and had to make due with what we had, hence the texture on the background.

Lights Used: were 2 Altman Fresnel lights

This shoot was done the same day as the Hollywood Glamour Shoot I did with Apnea Pictured Here.

Model Apnea

Model: Apnea


Apnea Lighting Diagram

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2 Responses to “Model – Apnea”
  1. Vu says:

    How did you decide what fresnel line (300) to use? I looked at the Altman catalog and am confused by the different lines. Are the ones for stage use different?

    • Darkman says:

      The ones for stage use are basically the same, except that they hang instead of sit on a stand. However you can get the hanging ones and get the part to convert it to stand mount for a few dollars as well at B&H Photo. Link on the sidebar.
      The Altmans I use are HERE

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