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Model: Apnea – The Reluctant Idol

How to Make Hollywood Portraits

Model: Apnea

My first and so far only shoot with the model Apnea, the well known model wife(soon to be or now ex) of Lithium Picnic, The well know and controversial ex-photographer of Suicide Girls. Great lady to work with, quiet I suppose, then again we had just met that day. We did a few shots for a friend of mine who had her modeling a couple corsets she made, I of course had her do the Hollywood glamour set. This was probably the best shot in my opinion of the day, well maybe not the whole day, but for what I wanted it was. Later that day there was a fund raiser for Lithium Picnic’s legal fee’s for the now defunct lawsuit against him from Suicide Girls. I had her sign one of the prints of this shot for my wall. Nice girl, gotta shoot her again someday, if she ever makes it back to so cal.

This shot was done with one Altman Fresnel light, from the direction of above her head to camera right. Can you tell by the shadows?



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Model: Apnea

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3 Responses to “Model: Apnea – The Reluctant Idol”
  1. The once and always great and amazing Darkman is back. His name mysterious and exciting. His work profound and discriptive. The very detail of his black and whites tell a better story then the movies on the silver screen did. Leaving way more to the imagination, way more to think without being unsatistified. My only words about this man is that his work greatly inspired mine, but at the same time instilled a great respect and fear in me to even try to manipulate black and whites. Not till I’m ready I say. One day I over overheard a clear conversation between 3 models, all 3 well known now. “Have you shot with Larry yet?” ” no, I haven’t had the chance. I’m hoping he’ll come find tho.” “Oh wow, me too.” “Wishful thinking, haha.” “He’s good at black and whites.” “Yeah I think he’s the best.” Made me think, one day I want people to gossip this kinda stuff about me. But about my color richness. Hehe. Wishful thinking. Glad to have you Larry. I can honestly say I’ve missed seeing your work and getting your tips.

    • Darkman says:

      thanks Carlo!!! Your kind words are flattering. 🙂 Yeah I have been away for much too long.
      But here I am again trying to redo my site and things will definitely be going full steam soon!!!
      Thanks for the cool narrative!


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