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Model – Heidi – From Fresno

How to Make Hollywood Portraits
Heidi from Fresno

Heidi from Fresno

Holly from Fresno contacted me via Myspace for a private shoot. She agreed to let me post the best images on my website. She came down and stayed at a friends house, and we shot one day and she came back the second day and finished up her shoot, with some color pinup stuff which I will post later.

Her B/W Hollywood Glamour stuff came out quite lovely.


Heidi from Fresno - 1

Heidi from Fresno - 1

Heidi from Fresno - 2

Heidi from Fresno - 2

Heidi from Fresno - 3

Heidi from Fresno - 3


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3 Responses to “Model – Heidi – From Fresno”
  1. Andy says:

    The final shot is dreamy. Lighting and her expression combine to make something great.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Larry, Can you tell me the lighting setup for Heidi’s images?

    I just picked up a Pepper 300 watt Fresnel, and I shot a few models last weekend. I do not seem to be getting the same look as you get!

    Im I using too big of a light? Does the Altman put out a different pattern?



    • Darkman says:

      Hi Steve, I use either 250watt, 500 watt or 750 watt Fresnel. How far are you putting the light from your subjects face? and is it focused or spotlighted? You know you can adjust that right? Which picture of Heidi were you referring too?
      If it was this one:

      I has it somewhat focused into a spot and a few feet away from her.
      If it was this one:

      I think I opened it up a bit more and had it pulled back some…
      I would say try tightening it up to a spot or almost a spot and move it back and forth from the subject.

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