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Hollywood Glamour with Kelly Devoto with Lighting Diagrams

A while back I had the pleasure of working with an up and coming star, Kelly Devoto. When Kelly came to me she was just doing modeling and building her portfolio. She wanted some old style Hollywood Glamour stuff so we did a few different takes and settings. Later Kelly contacted me to use one […]

Jean Harlows Bearskin Rug Negative Commands $57,500 at Auction

At the Profiles in History Auction held on March 26 and 27 in Calabasas, California, the bearskin rug portrait camera negative of actress Jean Harlow (1911-1937) sold for $57,500. Shot by George Hurrell, while a resident photographer at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, for the January 1935 issue of Vanity Fair. This famous image of Jean Harlow was shot […]

Evie Lovelle Gallery and Shoot – Hollywood Glamour Photography

After about a month of battling the Flu and a back issue, I am finally getting this gallery and post up regarding the Evie Lovelle Shoot. The day I shot Evie I was actually coming down with the flu, and for the following two weeks had the flu and then back issues, from popping a […]

Model: Jasmine Worth

Jasmine Worth is an old friend that I knew from the gothic/industrial scene like 8 or so years ago, before she started modeling at all. We used to see each other at clubs dancing and hanging out and one time she asked me about doing some pictures for her. I had been doing pictures in […]

Hollywood Glamour Lighting Video and Diagrams

Be sure to check out the Photography Lighting Diagrams for this shoot HERE I have people wanting to know how I set my lights up and how I get some of the effects I do for Hollywood Glamour and Film Noir Lighting. Most times when I do Hollywood glamour photography I use Fresnel lights, the […]

Model – Katie Kasket

Katie Kasket was one of my favorite models to work with. A bit of a cult figure in her own right, she’s had a comic book made after her, and has so many followers on Myspace it’s incredible. Katie has a company called Kasket Kustoms, in which she sells custom hand painted purses. Each purse […]

Model – Lindsey Lou – Limited Edition Collectible Prints

I have decided to start putting my work up for sale here on my site. I have sold my work before in different arenas, but never on my own website. Galleries, privately and even on eBay(groan). Now that I am going to take my life in the artistic direction I have been wanting to I […]

Lighting Techniques for Hollywood Glamour Photography

Be sure to watch the Hollywood Glamour Photography Video for this shoot HERE Photography Lighting Techniques are sometimes huge mysteries, at least to the beginning photographer. Sometimes to the seasoned pro too, only because maybe it was such a simple setup that it just couldn’t be that easy, right? I know I am that way […]

Hollywood Glamour Photos and How To Take Them.

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes shots from this shoot, the link to that article is posted at the bottom of this article. I’m asked all the time “How do you do that?”, the style of Hollywood Glamour Photography I do. I had a great teacher, George Hurrell. Someone introduced me to […]

Model: Guy Chapman – The Film Noir Villain

I met guy through a mutual friend that introduced us with the intention of needing to get some head shots done. Guy is an actor and has been in a few movies I am sure you have heard of: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and  Red-Eye as well as a few TV Series […]

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