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Model – Bianca Malise, Nude plus Glamour Lighting Diagram

I did this nude/boudoir shoot with Bianca Malise a while back at her San Diego residence. Done in her upstairs bathroom to give a feeling of intimacy, and set in place that makes the subject feel naturally relaxed and at home. This image in particular receives many questions as to the lighting and how it […]

Model – Bella – Shower in the night

November 20, 2009 by  
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This is a model I had the pleasure of working with Named Bella. This was a private shoot but she agreed to let me post the best images on the website.  The lighting was a nifty trick of placing a big spotlight, a 1954 era Fresnel from Hollywood, outside the shower windows. The lighting gave […]

Model: Bianca Malise

November 1, 2009 by  
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This was my first shoot with Bianca back in July of 2006. A great model to work with, who is now turning toward the scene behind the camera. We did several different scenes for Diva Devotchka, a defunct site of mine which I might someday redo and get back into, I just need a little […]