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Model – Bella – Shower in the night

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How to Make Hollywood Portraits

Bella Rosa - Shower at Night

This is a model I had the pleasure of working with Named Bella. This was a private shoot but she agreed to let me post the best images on the website.  The lighting was a nifty trick of placing a big spotlight, a 1954 era Fresnel from Hollywood, outside the shower windows. The lighting gave it a feel of either early morning light or late afternoon/evening setting sun. Either way I think it played nicely with the water and the skin. Don’t You?

Enjoy… Darkman

Bella Rosa - Shower at Night

Bella Rosa - Shower at Night


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6 Responses to “Model – Bella – Shower in the night”
  1. Andy Hensel says:

    Two very beautiful pictures!

  2. Chuck says:

    Sexy. The light angle and shadowing are perfect and do indeed remind me of a cool early morning, perhaps with the window open and the smell of crisp spring air. I wonder, how did the lighting effects work with her hair? Can’t really tell from the two photos here.

  3. Very good composition and lighting technique.I wil be glad if you tell about lighting technique.

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