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Largest Collection of George Hurrel’s Hollywood Glamour Photographs Auctioned Off

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Last month the largest collection, in one auction, of George Hurrell’s Hollywood Glamour Photography Images, Negatives and other items were auctioned off to the public for nominal prices. I was happy to go to the auction preview.

While the original photo images may have been made from a Hurrell Negative, Hurrell didn’t print these, nor did he sign them. One such print is the one I am standing next too, with the inset images of George Hurrell standing next to a large version he had printed. The images sold at auction were authentic photos from Hurrell and various other photographers, such as Clarence Bull, and others, the preview show had the images that were “Giclee’s”, pronounced “zhee-clay”.  A Giclee is nothing more than a high end ink jet print. That’s right folks, an Ink Jet Print.

I know I’m a little behind the time with this post but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say, because a few things upset me about this auction, but I won’t go into that here. I will say though that the auction catalogs ARE a huge piece of history and you might still be able to get one for 50$ from the auction house.

I have included the links to the PDF format of the auction catalog, as they can also be used to valuate, authenticate and locate lost pieces someday. These catalog may come in handy for all sorts of things and if you can get your hands on one, it’s probably the largest book of Hollywood Glamour Photography Images around.

Also of note there were some other images from other photographer there, but the majority were of George Hurrell’s work. Some images that I had no idea he did, which sorta surprised me. Images from Death Valley, a ghost town in Nevada called Rhyolite. I have also been and photoed the very same images he did, but I didn’t know it until the auction preview. The image I was happy to see was the general store across from the bank.

Here are links to the catalog in PDF format and a PR Media Print which talks about Hurrell.


PS. images following links.

Media Print Download:

PR Media: http://www.profilesinhistory.com/docs/media_print/74BWHurrell-8.pdf

Download a copy of the catalog here:

Day – 1: http://www.profilesinhistory.com/docs/catalog_archive/A39_Day1_Lots_1-649.pdf

Day 2: http://www.profilesinhistory.com/docs/catalog_archive/A39_Day2_Lots_650-1337.pdf

The Whole Catalog in one file: http://www.profilesinhistory.com/docs/catalog_archive/A39-1-265_lores.pdf


Me at the Auction Preview, Hurrell in Inset

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3 Responses to “Largest Collection of George Hurrel’s Hollywood Glamour Photographs Auctioned Off”
  1. Nat says:

    Thank you for sharing the information. Maybe some day I will profess to do the work George Hurrell did.

  2. Graham says:

    Great stuff–thanks Larry.

  3. Magic Mike says:

    Thanks for sharing those are great photos.

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