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Gallery Preview of Epstein & Schwimer Auction, Largest Lot of George Hurrell Photography

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Epstein and Schwimer, collectors of fine are and Hollywood glamour photography, are auctioning off some of their collection next month. Tonight is the Gallery Preview. Held at the James Gray Gallery in Santa Monica, this is going to be one HUGE Event I am sure. Parking is probably going to be bad and I am getting there as soon as it opens up at 6pm.

If you are a Hollywood Glamour buff or into George Hurrell or Hollywood Glamour Photography like I am, you will be there. This is one of the biggest events in Photography and art history. Claiming to be the largest lot of George Hurrell Photography in one place this auction is going to bring in thousands, if not millions of dollars in auction revenue.

For me this is both a sad and a happy occasion. Sad because I have no money to buy anything from the auction, but happy because the gallery preview is free and I at least get to go and see some of the great works. Sad because I know this may be the only time I get to see some of the works but happy also because I GET to see them.  I just wish I was able to buy something. at the auction. But when one picture is going for $15,000+, little old me just can’t see breaking out the Gold Amex.

I hope to get some footage of the gallery preview and post them here. Good luck to me on that.

Edit: I forgot to put the info, it’s at 6-10pm at Bergamot Station, in the James Gray Gallery.

2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica, Ca. 90404

Be sure to check out the auction page and download a PDF of the auction or buy one for historical purposes.

Auction Page is Here

If you mention the facebook page for the auction you get 50% off the catalog which is $50 so get it for $25

I hope to see some of you there, if you see me, come over and say Hi to me.

Hurrell Auction, Epstein and Schwimer

Auction Information

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