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Hurrell Hollywood, Book of Large Prints

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I feel the best way to look at Hurrell Portraits and imagery is in large format image and that’s usually in a gallery or showing of his work.  Unfortunately, showings of his work in a gallery don’t come around that often anymore. The other way is to have a book of images in large format, which there are only 3 to my knowledge in large format.

  1. Book of Stars by George Hurrell: Photographien 1927-1990 (about $900, and out of print)
  2. Hurrell Hollywood: Photographs 1928-1990 (between $30-$50)
  3. The Portfolios of George Hurrell (between $30-$50)

Unfortunately most of my books are normal format and size, except I do own  “The Portfolios of George Hurrell”.  I thought I had all the books there were large format, but then I discovered “Book of Stars by George Hurrell: Photographien 1927-1990” and about fell over at the price of over $900. I started researching the book and found another book very similar, same cover but printed in America, “Hurrell Hollywood: Photographs 1928-1990“, with a price between$30-$50. I bought mine for a little over $30.

The “Book of Stars” was printed in Germany, and is a rare book indeed which is why it commands a higher price, but if you’re like me and don’t have endless amounts of cash on hand, I’m OK with the American version, maybe someday when I get rich I will get the $900 book. Both books also have 140 images and are the same size.

If you’re like me, getting your hands on a crinkled corner, autographed, large format photo of Robert Montgomery, is better and cheaper than getting the same photo, unsigned and in mint condition for hundreds of dollars. I paid less than $50 for mine. I don’t think they realized it was signed either, and stamped with the studio copyright to Hurrell on the back. I love ebay.

In one of my future posts I will be showing my small but prized collection of Hurrell prints I have collected over the past few years, but for now here are some images of my new book. BTW I forgot to mention the images in this book are BIG duo tone images, that are easy to look at and are just gorgeous.


Hurrell Hollywood

"Hurrell Hollywood" next to "The Book of Stars" essentially the same book, same cover image.

Hurrell Hollywood

Hurrell Hollywood - Marlene Dietrich Cover

Hurrell Hollywood

Ramon navarro - Hurrell Hollywood

Hurrell Hollywood

Norma Shearer

Hurrell Hollywood

Veronica Lake

Hurrell Hollywood

Jean Harlow

Hurrell Hollywood

Jane Russell

Hurrell Hollywood

Ann Sheridan

Hurrell Hollywood

Ramon Navarro - Hurrell Hollywood Back Cover

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