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Model – Masumi Max, Varga BBQ

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Masumi Max Varga BBQ

Masumi Max Varga BBQ

Masumi Max is a well known fetish model who happened to be attending a BBQ that Roy Varga was having one afternoon. The BBQ was the celebration of the opening of Varga’s studio, which was housed in a custom car chop shop. Masumi was slated to show as a featured guest and model among many others. I had the chance to get her on one of the cars there at the BBQ and the resulting images are what you see.

The lighting I used was my portable setup that I had put together from pieces I bought from B&H Photo and Video. Let me say that B&H is a great store to buy from. They have great deals and prices as well as a section of used equipment, and they have financing.

The setup is an off camera strobe with an extra small softbox from Photoflex. The Photoflex LiteDome Kit for Hot Shoe Flashes with Stand and Swivel mount, for $118 complete, not including strobe, that’s a great piece of equipment that I use over and over again on location shoots. I take this piece of equipment with me everywhere. The flash I use for my location shoots when I’m using this setup is the Vivitar 283, the workhorse of old cheap strobes. I use a cheap little remote flash trigger you can get for just $30 to trigger the strobe with my camera. This whole little kit will do you wonders for quick little location shoots and people are always impressed with the little setup. I’ll take a picture sometime and post it. Anyway back to the images.


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  1. Love your use of strobe lighting. I think they always give an interesting look to the picture. I really like using strobes for outdoor photography just because no one does it and if you have a specific subject it makes the picture look amazing.

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