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Books about Makeup for Photo Shoots

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How to Make Hollywood Portraits

I am always getting asked for references to makeup for photo shoots, and what to do before a photo shoot, so I put together a list of books for the ladies and guys if they want, on makeup, hairstyling and eyebrow sculpting. These things are essential to a great photo shoot. They are the elements that make a good photo shoot great.

As manypeople know I prefer to work with a makeup artist(MUA) on all of my shoots. Regardless of if the model knows how to do makeup or not. Makeup for a shoot is way different than makeup for the street. many amateur models will look in the mirror at their makeup at a shoot and be horrified, as sometimes the makeup looks garish or unsightly. The fact is when the lights hit it and it’s captured on film or digitally, it will look dramatically different.

Once they see the finished product they are always amazed at how the makeup turned out. I know this from experience and highly recommend having your makeup done for a photo shoot, and if you need a really extreme example of why Look Here at this previous post.

Here’s a list of good books for reference:

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