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Comic Con 2010, Sometimes you just never know…

How to Make Hollywood Portraits

Who you’ll run into at Comic Con 2010.

Kevin Grevioux was coming down one aisle, I was going across another and as he came around the corner we almost ran into each other.  I looked up and was like “You’re that guy from Underworld, What’s your name?”. Duh, I feel so stupid.

I rarely get star struck anymore, because I’ve worked with a few big names now, but some people you just admire their work in films you know?
I really liked his work in Underworld and didn’t realize that he was one of the writers as well. Anyway he was really cool and let me grab a picture of him, and yes, his voice is really, that deep. Kevin Grevioux from the Underworld movis:


Kevin Grevioux from the movie "Underworld"

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