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  1. Meg Cosgrove says:

    I checked out your work years ago, and it got me thinking about the techniques you did. You inspired me to try! I know this style of photography had a resurgence when you started. I’m a bit late to the game, but I chose this type of lighting because of what I saw you did. I like the models you used, too. Definitely a different vibe than my work! I like it!

    • Darkman says:

      Some nice work you have there Meghan! Very nice, Polished!

      • Meg Cosgrove says:

        Thank you! I picked it up quickly enough…moved to film, but it is expensive…I have some shots using 4×5, I recently ordered a camera from https://intrepidcamera.co.uk.

        I have had help from Mark Vieira in Los Angeles, specifically when to use flood instead of spot. We are meaning to get together after a vaccine. He worked under Hurrell for years and is an Old Hollywood historian.

        I agree with you on needing to use fresnel only. I have had people tell me you can use modern lights, but that’s not true. I think it turns potential into a cliche!

        Are you still going to make a book?

        • Darkman says:

          someday I’ll make a book. I know Mark, but we don’t get along. had some questions once about photos used in his books and he got weird on me. I believe I have all his books on Hurrell.
          I spent the day with Hurrells last assistant once. There’s a video.