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Comic Con 2010, Sometimes you just never know…

Who you’ll run into at Comic Con 2010. Kevin Grevioux was coming down one aisle, I was going across another and as he came around the corner we almost ran into each other.  I looked up and was like “You’re that guy from Underworld, What’s your name?”. Duh, I feel so stupid. I rarely get […]

Learn a Lesson from Michelle “BombShell” McGee and Jesse James

March 23, 2010 by  
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Pictures of tattooed web porn girl, Michelle “So Cal Bombshell” McGee, have been circulating all around the internet lately, due to the “Bombshell” blast of media coverage of her affair with TV show star Jesse James. James, of Monster Garage fame, as many of you know is the husband of Oscar winning Actress Sandra Bullock, […]

My Shoot today with Evie Lovelle

December 22, 2009 by  
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Today I’m shooting Evie Lovell, a well known Burlesque Dancer from Hollywood. I found a YouTube Video of her, and here she is… Here’s a link to the shoot we did… How was this post? Good? Bad? Or? Please leave a comment below! Check out the list of recommended Hollywood Glamour Photography Books and Videos […]